The now is simple enough.  People want, people need, rarely do the latter arrive in abundance to the former, but when the stars rejoice over a newborn, the world is as a playground to the newborn’s growth.

Such was the world of this man.  although he bore simplicity sometimes as a shield, his description would be anything but simple.   He was graced with a swimmer’s body, all lean muscle, tightly cropped blond hair.  His eyes were a deep green, almost going brown.  His intellect was as keen as the fabled monomolecular knife.

In his time, the world would go through what history refers to as “growing pains” for mankind as a species.  A species intent on merging physically, despite philosophical distances which proved harder to span than any land or water.

He knew only that life should be not so barren for all…  that equality is a natural function of a soulless world, controlled by logic and the logical.

Such was the world of this simple philosopher, this man grown from all the world had to offer, delivered into a new millenium.  What some hoped to be a new world.  Hoping against the withering stark truth of a past which mankind thrust out in naked defiance of all things logical and the logical.